From Mars To Humans - The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2023



Spectacular Spectroscopy

The InlightenUs team are a passionate and creative group of scientists who are developing new and exciting technology for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The team use the same spectroscopic technologies that are also used by NASA’s Mars Rovers to detect life on Mars. The InlightenUs team have created a new and immersive exhibit for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2023 that will allow visitors to journey from ‘Mars to Humans’ and experience how powerful innovations in medical research on earth lead to amazing discoveries on other planets.


Lighting up Life

Jake and Hiroki from the InLightenUs team explain how they use the interaction of light with molecules ( a technique called Raman Spectroscopy) to determine if a person's bones are healthy or have signs of disease within them. Raman Spectroscopy can also be used on Mars! The NASA Mars Rovers analyse how light interacts with martian materials on the planet's surface to determine whether those materials contain signs of life.