Cowrie Scholars

Tumi AkeleOur Health has partnered with the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation and the charity Versus Arthritis to offer British Black students enriched learning opportunities, in collaboration with the EPSRC InLightenUs project.

Co-creative research

Tumi Akeke is the student lead and mentor for the Our Health Cowrie Scholars project. Together Tumi and Helen (Our Health Programme Lead) will use community-based  participatory research to bring Cowrie Scholars, who have begun undergraduate degrees as part of the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation, together with people living with joint and bone diseases. These interdisciplinary teams of students and patient partners will co-create research questions around conditions such as Arthritis and Osteoarthritis, exploring and contextualising the research question as the project progresses. They will identify suitable research methodologies to address the question and undertake research activities, with support from InLightenUs researchers, to co-create new knowledge that is shared and valued across the whole team.

Breaking Down Barriers and Creating Enriched Learning Opportunities for BAME Students

This video has been created and is presented by Tumi Akeke. Tumi describes the barriers and challenges BAME students face in Higher Education. She shares her perspectives of experiential learning within the Our Health Programme and how specific tailored enriched learning opportunities are so vital for BAME students, if they are to thrive within higher education.